Five on friday

1. Cleaned my desk at work and patiently removed every trace of blu-tac on the wall. And I’m not coming back, except for my farewell party on Tuesday. Feels wonderful.
2. Reviewing my notes for my coming interview with a Haas alumni. I anticipate that it will feel weird to speak English with another person who shares the same native language, but well, rules are rules.
3. My one little word for 2014 is “Adventure”. A new addition to our family, a big move abroad and becoming a student again are both scary and exciting at the same time.
4. Wondering what to do with this blog. Maybe I don’t need it so much anymore.
5. Good luck to all MBA applicants around here, and stay open. The name of school you end up at does not matter as much as what you will make of it. I believe that destiny usually puts us in the right place.