I’m in !

Finally the wait is over. Now I can flaunt my new J. Choo handbag. Now I can say that I am currently spending my last days at work, and will not need to come back after maternity leave. Now I can tell everyone that I am moving to California next Fall.
I’m relieved beyond words.

Congratulations to all you you who received their offers, and for those who are still waiting, do not lose hope and don’t take anything personally. Destiny sometime’s a mistery. Many years back, if a foreign country had not denied me a visa renewal (which really upset me at that time), I would have never met my husband…

I was also invited to interview for Haas this week, but they still need to find me a suitable interviewer, since the first they assigned to me is out of the country for the next two weeks. GSB or Haas might be a no brainer for most of people, but with two kids and not much savings…I need to know what all my options are.
Not forgetting that I’m also still waiting for a decision from Anderson.
What would you do if you were in my shoes ?


15 thoughts on “I’m in !

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  2. Congrats! Unless Haas comes through with a lot of $$$ then you will have a tough decision. Otherwise take the GSB offer and do not look back. Phenomenal achievement

    • Thanks for the kind words !!
      My interview with Haas is still not scheduled…I don’t know if they want to withdraw the interview invite ?
      I still have until Feb 20 to make my final decision, so let’s see how it goes. I really have no idea what kind of financial package I can expect from Haas.

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  4. Holy moly, congrats!

    It would be hard for me/most people to turn down Stanford for anything else. I’ve just started reading your blog, so perhaps you’ve covered this earlier, but have you tried finding any current Stanford students who have kids and asking how they’re finding it?

    • Thanks !!
      I’ve been in touch with some GSB students yes, but mainly dads with stay-at-home spouses or an MBA mum with no financial issues, and only one child to put into daycare. If I refer to the fees of Stanford on-campus daycare centers, it’s almost 2000$/month per child !! :-/

  5. Congratulations, you must be really excited! Even if you aren’t 100% certain on your final destination, it certainly helps with the planning if nothing else to know you’re definitely going.

  6. Congrats! Don’t forget that GSB gives out need-based aid vice merit-aid (much like HBS), so chances are you’re not footing the full bill. Congrats on being one of the 7%!

  7. Congrats on getting in! I’m an MBA1 at the GSB and have been blogging (a bit…not nearly enough free time to stay as consistent as I’d like) about school for the last six months or so to help applicants/admits get a better idea of whether or not the GSB is the right fit for them. I don’t have too many insights on GSB life with kids (although I know of at least two single parents who are making it work) but if there’s anything else you’re interested in let me know and I’d be happy to write a post about it.
    Congrats again!!!!
    : )

  8. I’ve had my head buried in interview prep and work for so long I completely missed this! Congratulations ExpectingMBAMilf!!! As you well know, Stanford is an amazing program and I wish you all the best, wherever you decide to go (GSB would be my first choice :))!!

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