Interview reports

I recently had my Skype interview with a second-year student and I wanted to thank MBAthenonprofitway for her very valuable post, because it turned out I got pretty much the same questions. It looks like Anderson has a very standardized interview process, which I find fair for all applicants.

The interviewer was very punctual and added me as one of his Skype contacts 15 min prior to the scheduled time, but he must have had a wifi connection because the sound wasn’t that good at some times. The whole conversation lasted a bit less than 30-minutes and was very casual and straightforward. You don’t really get time to do small talk.

He had only access to my résumé, which he looked at to keep track of what I was saying.

The questions I got were:

  • Walk me through your résumé (with some additional questions to clarify specific points)
  • Why do you want an MBA and why now? He insisted a lot on the “now” aspect.
  • Why Anderson?
  • What is your leadership style ?
  • What clubs are you interested in at Anderson?
  •   Give me an example of a a past conflict that you experienced and how did you solve it?

I had the time to ask him two questions

  • Did you reach out to the alumni network ? Under which circumstances ? How was it ?
  • What do you like most in your experience at Anderson ?

Overall it gave me a really positive impression of the school and now that I have sent my official transcripts I am looking forward to hearing back from them. It seems that they might be able to release a few early decisions before 1/28/2014. Fingers crossed !


I was extremely relieved when I received an interview invitation from Stanford GSB. They gave me the name of an alumnus to contact, and he asked me to meet him at a hotel bar. In spite of the terrible traffic, I got there on time but he was running 45 mins late. It was already late in the evening and with my pregnancy making me feel sleepy all the time, my energy (and stress) level was rather low.

The overall interview was very conversational. He did not take any notes and even declined to have a hard-copy of my resumé. He said he had already taken a look at it, and that would be enough for him.

This is how it went:

  • He introduced himself
  • Resume walkthrough
  • Discussion about his own experience
  • Why an MBA ? He insisted a lot on this question and the potential ROI it could have for me.
  • Discussion around the alumni network in our country
  • Discussion about family life in the Bay Area

Interestingly enough, I did not get any explicit behavioral questions. I don’t know whether it is a good sign or not. I am wondering how he managed to gather enough facts to write his review… He looked pretty confident that he had all he needed though.

Since we had pretty much the same educational background, I felt that we connected well, and that my motivations for wanting an MBA really made sense for him. More than a decade ago, he only applied to Harvard and Stanford, but he also understood my reasons for targeting California.

He insisted that the interview was only one datapoint in the whole process, and that he wouldn’t know how my application is viewed as a whole. I guess that his job is mainly to make out whether an applicant has been lying in his written application or is just too antisocial to fit into the Stanford GSB community.

I am counting down the days to 11th Dec. I even have a gift ready for myself if I get that famous call from D. Bolton (a new J. Choo handbag 😉 )… However, I know that there is some element of luck in the whole process and I’m prepared to deal with disappointment too. I will then simply have to wait until X-mas day to open my present..

Unfortunately, still no news from Haas. My application went to “ready for review” on 11/8 and I have not lost all hope yet ! When I submitted my three applications in late August, I had the impression that Haas was my strongest, and I was happy with what I did with the essays. Let’s hope the adcoms will feel the same about them.

My husband is currently interviewing for jobs in the Bay area, so it would be definitely harder for us if I study in LA…but well, for the moment, who am I to decide ?


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