Info sessions in Paris

I managed to attend all three events from my target schools even though I did not get to use any additional info in my online applications (remember I submitted them late August !).

The goal for me was to meet alumnis, gather useful insider facts for my potential interviews and of course get an overall feeling of the programs themselves. Anderson was the only campus I got the chance to visit about a year ago when I was traveling in the area.

Stanford GSB had the most attendees and we were all sitting in an amphitheater.  I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the panel of alumnis they introduced. I got the feeling that, like most prestigious engineering Grandes Ecoles in France, they don’t need to advertise and try to impress as much as other schools to have a high level of applicants no matter what.

Berkeley Haas had the best hosted event, in a very friendly yet professional atmosphere. We were gathered in a meeting room, alumnis who attended were very cheerful and we had a cocktail at the end of the presentation. Stephanie Fujii gave a very enthusiastic and upbeat presentation of the school…I really hope to interview for Haas.

UCLA Anderson presentation was more traditional, but very informative nevertheless. I could feel the attendance was a bit younger and less informed about MBA programs in general.

I finally managed to convince myself I should prepare for potential interviews even part of me is thinking “what if you don’t get any invitation ?”. November is going to be a crucial month…or not, we’ll see !


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