How did your family react ?

I did not want to tell anyone about my MBA plans before I took the GMAT – with  the exception of my sister, and a few close friends. After that stage, I realized that this choice would not only have great impact on my life, but also on my parents’ and in-laws’, who would not be able to see their grandchildren as much as they would want to.

I know that my parents are supportive now that I convinced them that it is a wise choice for my own family, and because they understand that this project is also a part of who I am and the life I want to lead. Yet, they are still afraid that we put too much at stake by relocating, and I don’t always feel comfortable bringing up the subject again. At least not before I get accepted somewhere.

On the opposite, we chose not to tell the real version of events to my in-laws, mostly because I don’t want my mother-in-law to hate me for it (and to blame me for everything later if something doesn’t work out right). Basically, we did tell them about our plans to relocate, but the reason we gave is that my husband would like to work in this part of the world. We did not really mention the MBA yet.

What about  you ? Did you tell your family and friends about your MBA plans ?

What was their reaction ?


7 thoughts on “How did your family react ?

  1. I’ve told my family and friends slowly. My gran thought it was bad idea to give up a good job. My dad’s comments were quite challenging, but in the long run helpful. While my mum was supportive from the get go. All my close friends have been supportive, but most probably think I’m slightly nuts.

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  3. Your situation is a bit different from mine, but yes, I did tell my parents before I got the ball rolling on the MBA apps. I really value their perspective, so it was nice to hear their thoughts, although at first they didn’t quite understand why I would go back to school. Once I explained my reasoning, they became much more supportive.

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