Is there a real gender gap issue in B Schools ?

In my previous post, I was wondering why there were so few moms attending MBA programs, but the issue is somehow wider than that. Women are still a minority in top MBA programs, and this may lead us to think that they are unfriendly environments for the “weaker” sex. I noticed that Poets and Quants recently discussed gender inequality, and concluded on a rather optimistic note. While I haven’t attend B School –yet ! — I feel that unless adcoms are specifically biased against women, there are really some reasons to be optimistic.

I’ve always worked in male-dominated environments, and the lack of women was more due to the small size of the initial pool of candidates (few girls in scientific/technical areas) than because girls were not welcome. Even if I wanted to hire more women, it wouldn’t be possible because I simply do not receive enough female CVs.

A lot of my male colleagues are raising daughters, and do respect their spouses. They are usually very supportive of women in the workplace. Reading these “Letters from Dad” from Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In community also convinced me that we are going towards the right direction.

From my experience, in a professional setting, the generational gap is much more impacting than the gender one. When someone is significantly younger than his peers, it takes a lot more efforts and results to earn credibility. I chose to focus on this challenge rather than on the war of sexes.

I hope that the gender gap issue in B School is going in the right direction. In any case, I am looking forward to contributing to its improvement šŸ™‚


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