Why so few mommies ?

I can’t help wondering why there are so few mothers in MBA programs.

Yet, an MBA after marriage is far from impossible, and 30 is not the new 20, so why not go on with your career once you’ve settled, chosen the right partner and claimed your adulthood ?

The one disadvantage I may see — apart from cost and organization issues — would be the impossibility to date other potentially hot cute classmates…although CaveGirlMBA seems to think the opposite 😉


7 thoughts on “Why so few mommies ?

  1. That is a great talk by Meg Jay. I am heading to b-school with a spouse and kids. It may be tough being in the minority, but I think having the stability at home will help me personally. That, and I already know who I am going to be working so hard for 🙂

  2. Great question! Personally, I have been putting off the thought of having babies until after MBA for a few years now. The conversation around babies with husband/parents has always been about “Oh! we need to get the MBA out of the way before we start thinking about it”. I think most of the reservation is around both cost/balancing. While I feel ignoring my husband for a few weeks of intense MBA classes can be something I can make up to him, even without having any kids, the thought of doing anything similar to my kid feels very bad.

    May be its just harder looking in from outside. :-s Any jitters about managing coursework and the babies for you?

    • There’s definitely NO perfect timing to have a baby… plus, you can never exactly choose the moment when it happens.
      From my experience, the first months with a newborn are pretty demanding for the mother, but after that I don’t think they resent you for having your own life an pursuing your own goal. A happy mother = happy kids. MBA classes may be intense, but we know that students still get the time to play hard and party hard. As a parent, I know that I will choose to sacrifice a bit on that, not on the time I spend with my family.

      Can’t say much about the cost yet. I just tell myself that many have managed to do it before me, so why not me ? 🙂

      Hope that everything will go well for you Ellie =)

  3. Sorry…just saw your reply..and seriously kudos to your spirit. And you are right..it has been done before which is a great solace. How’s app process coming along for you?

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