Haas admissions chat (Aug 28)

I joined the one-hour Q&A session which was quite puzzling.

A lot of people kept asking the same questions again and again (recco letters, gmat scores, international transcripts, toefl requirements…), and some others even seemed to have never had a serious look at the School website, asking for information one could easily find by surfing around a bit.

I think the worst question actually was “What are the GMAT and the GRE ?” (which the adcoms still kindly answered by giving the official links)
I still wonder whether this was a troll.

The next applicant chat is scheduled on Thursday, September 26, 9:00-10:00 a.m. PT. I’ll probably join this one too.

Now I just need to be patient until mid-November, when R1 interview invitations will start to roll out 🙂


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