Recommendation letters

Getting the recco letters was definitely the toughest part of completing my applications.

I read somewhere that it is unwise to mention your MBA plans to your boss unless he is one of your recommenders. Since every school prefers a letter from the current direct supervisor, I candidly went to see mine, and talked to him about the opportunity of leaving for an MBA program in the US. He almost accused me of thinking about being unfaithful to our company, dissed the “American dream” and went paranoid about the fact I might his potential support to extort some kind of financing from the company. I finally calmed him down, and told him not to bother about it. Since that episode, he has been acting as if I never told him anything and as if he didn’t know anything…which is just fine because it also gives me a valid reason not to provide a letter from him.  I wonder whether adcoms frequently get this kind of explanation though.

Needless to say, I decided it would be wiser to turn to a more benevolent manager…

Let’s say that I feel like I shot myself in the foot for free, and if I don’t get accepted in any program, I will REALLY, REALLY look dumb.

What about you ? Did everything went smoothly ?


3 thoughts on “Recommendation letters

  1. Uh oh! That is jittery for sure especially if he choosing to be non-committal. I actual got good support from both my recommenders, one of them being my manager. The only thing that was common to both is their advice to me to look at part-time MBA options around DC (Georgetown/GWU) instead of going full time, which come to think of it was weird.

    So what’s plan B now? Also, how is R1 applications coming along?

  2. I eventually asked a senior manager from another department, and my previous supervisor. They were happy to support me and submitted their letters very promptly 🙂 So in the end that’s not too bad.
    I am almost done with R1 applications, are you working on your essays right now ?

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